Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The DAY I knew ISRAEL was going to be in TROUBLE


Judges 21:25

King James Version

25 In those days there was no king in Israel: 

every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

I used to love reading about world events when I was in high school.

But for the longest time, nothing makes sense in the world anymore.

It's been war, and more war.

It's been greed, and more greed.

It's been vanity, and more vanity.

It's been deception, and more deception.

So, I didn't follow world events too closely after that.

You can imagine my great surprise when alarm bells rang loudly in my heart.

I was alerted to Israel's troubles about seven months ago.

PARTICULARLY when her fighter pilots refused to train.

And all I could say was, "Oh boy...there goes Israel's air defense".

She'll be a sitting duck.

They're leaving themselves wide open.


Then more infighting in the Knesset and high courts.

All that infighting weakened this strong country.

After these last two days' horrific events in southern Israel, I could only turn back to those observations of mine seven months ago.

That's why I wrote a series of March 2023 articles on it.

Trouble at "home" will invite trouble from outside your home.

The principle remains the same.

In any home.

In any country.

In any community.

In any individual.

Those who don't love you bide their time.

Looking for chinks in your armor.

Then they zero in.

But GOD loves Israel.

She is the "apple of His eye".

Her future has been prophesied.

But she must wake up to the LORD.

And be saved, from everything.

And everyone.

Including herself.

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